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Yoga / Mindfulness

The pupils of Scoil na gCailíní were very fortunate to have experienced a block of Mindfulness practice in the previous school  year following the Mindfulness in Schools Paws b curriculum. The general aim was to dip children’s toes into mindfulness in ways which they find helpful and enjoyable. This was conducted by Julieanne Reel and the girls greatly benefited from it. In an effort to continue to support the development of personal mindfulness practice, the resource teacher/support team will withdraw girls in small groups to experience mindfulness through guided mindful moments. Mindfulness provides young people with a valuable life skill by supporting them in a number of areas: to feel calmer, to get along better with others, to concentrate and learn, to manage anxiety and to perform well in music and sport.

Beauty From Within

In conjunction with mindfulness, some girls have the opportunity to experience yoga in school. Yoga improves the mind/body connection whilst encouraging a fit and healthy lifestyle and promoting an overall sense of well-being. It helps children to see the beauty and light within themselves thereby boosting their self-confidence, allowing them to feel more comfortable with their bodies and helping them get in touch with who they are inside. A child who learns yoga, mindfulness and relaxation will be developing essential skills for a lifetime of health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.

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