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Dáil na nÓg

Dáil na nÓg is the school Student Council.  This committee is made up of children from 4th, 5th and 6th class under the direction of Ms Murtagh.  The committee meets monthly and more often if they have a project pending.  They take responsibility for the Learn Out Loud Day, Gaeilge sa Chlós and they work as the Welcome Committee for visitors at Enrolment night and Open night.  At meetings the girls learn the roles of committee members such as chairperson, secretary and PRO.

Girls are chosen for the Dáil by their peers.  Any girl can put herself forward for the committee by making a speech outlining why she should be chosen. The committee changes each year allowing a new group of girls the opportunity to participate. The Dáil na Óg have brought some great ideas to the school over the past few years including maths challenges, reading challenges and very interesting Learn Out Loud days.

We wonder what this year’s Dáil will come up with??


an update …Odd shoe Day  to celebrate diversity, Non Uniform Day for Lent,


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